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Wash Out

Introducing our New Generation Pumps

Wash Out

Metslurry's technical team have used advanced design technology in creating our own designing method to patent our New Slurry Pump range, which will provide superior performance, wear life and reliability. Suitable for a variety of working conditions, such as slurry, tailings transport and coal washing to name a few.

Tests have proven:

  • Efficiency of the new pump is increased by 6-8% compared to the original pump.

  • Easier installation due to the positioning accuracy of the Volute, to avoid leakage caused by displacement.

  • The Throatbush and Volute fit more reasonable and will improve the sealing.

  • Low operating costs, reduced maintenance and minimal downtime.

  • Pump Models: 100HKK-MS, 150HM-HS, 200HM-MS, 300HNN-MS.

Technical Information for the 100HLL-MS Pump
Download PDF • 279KB

Technical Information for the 150HM-MS Pump
Download PDF • 278KB

Technical Information for the 200HM-MS Pump
Download PDF • 269KB

Technical Information for the 300HNN-MS Pump
Download PDF • 296KB

Testing New pump - Made with Clipchamp_1708659456351
Download MP4 • 36.33MB

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